Tara Lescott

Rec2Rec USA is one of the most frequent searches that Consultants have conducted this year when exploring international opportunities.

So why is the attraction to the US so strong?

Well there is the culturally built in belief that everything is bigger and better in the US...

But what most Recruiters don't realise is that the opportunity in the US is just HUGE

And that the recruitment market out there is actually less developed than here in the UK.

There is a huge surge of growth happening to fill the gap between independent sole trader type Recruiters and the larger international corporates. And this is where so many of the opportunities now exist for talented and ambitious Recruiters with a desire to live and work in the USA.

But before you embark on applications or interviews there are definitely some key points to consider - not only with this save you embarrassment by showing how little you know in interview but it will also save you considerable time.

So if you feel a strong pull to take your career in the USA here are some things to think about...


The USA Is vast with most states larger or similar in size to the UK and each state has it's own economy, laws and culture. So you must consider where you would prefer to be.

Too many Recruiters become frustrated when nobody wants to interview them or consider them and it's simply because they are being vague - with multiple locations in the US that they reel off when they are asked whether they are keen to relocate to.

Whether you're applying directly or working with a rec2rec this stance of "keeping your options open" declares to the world that you don't know what you want, you haven't committed to a specific location and in essence it sounds like you're daydreaming or window shopping.

So before you do ANYTHING decide where you want to be and focus on that single city or state.

Some of the most popular locations that offer the most opportunities include:

  • New York
  • Dallas
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Houston


Now that you have decided on your primary location of interest you must research the requirements for international relocation to the USA. 

You can check this out here:

Employers will normally cover the cost and management of your visa application but it is important to make sure that you meet the minimum requirements.


So you've decided where you want to relocate to the US as a Recruiter and you have chosen your primary location of interest. You also know that you meet the basic visa requirements.

Before you make contact with an international rec2rec agency or apply to companies in your desired location you MUST understand what it takes to be successful in that city.

You might be surprised at how different recruitment can feel in the USA. While recruitment is still recruitment, the process can be quite different between sectors and even states. So familiarise yourself and seek out people that have made the move you seek and ask their opinion and advice.


And finally. Before you start setting up meetings. RESEARCH.

Research what it's like to actually LIVE in the City you are focused on.

Research housing and utilities costs.

Research transport.

And research cost of living, expected remuneration and what support you will need to relocate. (and bear in mind some locations are a lot more expensive than others to live in...your standard of living may be much higher in a location like Atlanta or Houston than it would be in NYC).

If you can - schedule a holiday to what you hope will be your new home. Nothing beats being there to really understand the housing market, which areas work for you, how your life will look and more. This will help you make the right choice of company. 

BEWARE - relocation costs are pretty heavy and to join a company that will cover these expenses for you will usually incur a lock in period on your contract (i.e. if you leave within 2 years you have to repay the costs)... So you need to know your budgets, locations and expected remuneration before you start.


So happy exploring!


Feel free to email us on and tell us what your international career search criteria looks like, and we can connect you with one of our Consultants who can help.