Recruiters: You're Stronger Than You Know


Tara Lescott

You're a Recruiter. Or so your LinkedIn profile states...

But we both know that you’re so much more than that.

Being a Recruitment Consultant today, or to be a good one anyway, means that you must master many skills and wear many hats; employment coach, counsellor, copywriter, blogger, business development consultant, key account manager, researcher, CV writer, marketing consultant … the list goes on and on…

The world is more complex now than it ever was before. The world is also more competitive now than it was before and the recruitment industry is still one of the very few industries where all of that expertise, advice and graft is put in up front, at no risk to the customer.

So why are Recruiters still fighting for bad business?

Why do so many of us continue to work on roles that are very unlikely to lead to a placement?

Why do we allow our clients or candidates (who aren’t recruitment experts) tell us how to do our job?

Isn’t it time we got a little more ballsy? Isn’t it time we backed our work, skills and passion just a little more? Isn’t it time we stopped getting into bun fights with each other and collectively stood up for the very important role we play in the world of work? Isn’t it time we acted like the experts we are?

What if we demanded a little more? What if we set a standard for what we expect from our clients and candidates? What if…

Because you know what happens when you tell the world that you have higher standards? The world responds. Because everyone, EVERYONE, responds to boundaries.

Now before you go into meltdown here hear me out. I’m not suggesting you start upsetting everyone... All I am saying is that you have more control and value than you realise.

That maybe, it’s time to start flexing those muscles.

Because boy do you have them.

You know how muscle is built right? By constantly and repeatedly resisting immense pressure. That’s us every day right? We just don’t know our own strength. It’s like we have career dysmorphia – we’re looking out at the world through the wrong filter, which leads us to associate ourselves with the wrong clients and candidates and then dumb down our work to suit.

Listen closely…

You are in an incredible position. And here’s why.

When you are the one doing all the work up front…get this…YOU DECIDE who you work with.

I know. Mind blowing stuff.

Unfortunately, though, too many Recruiters don’t realise their own value and power and they’re certainly not willing to talk about it to the world.

But I know you seek that change. You need it. You want it. You’re just not sure how you go about doing it.

And many of you have constraints. Even if you decided to change your approach and started working in a way where you set a new standard you might well meet resistance from colleagues around you or management above you.

How do you manage that?

There’s a way. There are many ways. And I am telling you that this is the way all the biggest billers work. It is a proven strategy that WORKS. You have to find a way to a more manageable workload and access far greater rewards.

It’s simply a case of:

  • Making a commitment to an improved way of working
  • Understanding the strategy on how to do this
  • Repeating it until it becomes your new normal


So what’s stopping you now? If it's lack of training and mentoring let us know and we'll match you to some great companies that can help you to fast track your performance.

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You’re stronger than you know